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The Taming of the Crew

Most any application can provide basic logging of vendor names. There are, however, a number of situations that simpler disbursing software just can't cope with.

With Disbural Pro you don't have to perform a lot of work-arounds for the unusual accounting dilemmas that life dishes up.

When unusual circumstances pop up, Disbursal Pro won’t leave you wishing you had more accommodating software!

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Detailed transaction history

The detailed "vendor's transaction history" is broken down by calendar year. Even the vendor's archived transactions are at your fingertips—up to 10 years back.

You can review a vendor's "1099 reportable amount"—for every tax year, and get a complete breakdown of the "invoices" and "budget categories" for each check.  Any of which can be edited—at any time—without affecting the accounting audit trail.

The Job# for each transaction hyperlinks to the "Job maintenance form" and the Check# hyperlinks you to the "Check register"—providing easy cross-referencing, check voiding, or lien waiver reprinting.

Finding and editing records is handy, fast, and efficient!

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Duplicate records merge/purge

Disbursal Pro won’t punish you for accidentally duplicating a vendor. There is a simple procedure for combining two vendor records. The many steps involved in merging records are automated and safely handled for you. Even d.b.a. and name lookup subrecords are properly merged for you.

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Multiple business entities—single tax ID

While the IRS accepts Doing Business As names, they won’t cut you any slack if they can’t match a name up to their database!

By linking all of the disbursements to a single Tax ID, you can have unlimited "DBA" or "Lookup" names for any single vendor. Checks can be printed with any name the vendor chooses—without affecting their 1099.

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Automated Income Tax Backup Withholding

In recent years, the IRS has tightened up enforcement of the Federal Income Tax Backup Withholding regulations. Without the proper software they can be a real pain to comply with.

Disbursal Pro makes compliance as easy as placing a checkmark.

Just click a checkbox in the vendor’s record and the correct withholding amount is automatically deducted from their disbursement checks. A separate check for the amount being withheld is automatically cut for the IRS.

Uncheck the box and their next disbursement check(s) will resume normal processing.

It really is just that simple!

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Visual IRS alerts

Described in 1099-MISC Reporting

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Automatic type-ahead searching

Described in Features Overview

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On-the-fly duplicate detection

Described in Features Overview

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