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CM Systems Inc. - Phone 417-862-5393
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"Disbursal Pro is the most user friendly software we have ever used; the menus and fields are clearly labeled and easy to navigate. Printing checks and reports are easy and accessible; they load and run in a timely and efficient manner."

"CM Systems spent many hours customizing the software and several reports to meet our needs."

"Anytime we need assistance, help is always readily available. CM Systems is very helpful and a pleasure to work with."

Loan Specialist
Lutheran Church Extension Fund-Missouri Synod
St. Louis, MO

"Disbursal Pro is very user-friendly. It's really easy to get various reports as well as track lien waivers, 1099's, amounts paid to subcontractors, and etc."

Cecilia M. Wilson
Fidelity Title Agency—Republic, MO

"The things I'm coming to appreciate the most are the reports and the many ways the system lets us easily get into any given item—really neat."

Dina Wells
Hogan Land Title Company—Branson West, MO

"I worked at Lincoln-Evans in construction disbursal, and they used Correct Draw.  I find Disbursal Pro to be the superior product.  It is very user friendly, and saves a lot of steps.  It's also much, much quicker than Correct Draw."

"Checking off lien waivers by the check number is so much easier than going into each individual draw to check them off, and I really like the fact that you can print out draw requests and lien waivers with the owner information already on them.  These are just two examples of why I like Disbursal Pro so much more."

Marva Hardesty
Taney County Title and Escrow—Branson, MO

"I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to do my work now that I have Disbursal Pro. Tax time was terrible with my previous software, because I had to go into each and every job and figure out how much everyone made. I would always have to start my taxes right after Christmas. Now it's a breeze.

I don't have a way to actually measure it, but I estimate that Disbursal Pro has reduced the amount of time I spend working on disbursements by more than 40 hours a month. And that doesn't include all the labor I have saved at Tax time!

CM Systems has been so helpful whenever I call with a problem. I explain it and they help me or fix it for me. I am super thankful for all their help and that they have developed such a wonderful program as Disbursal Pro."

Maggie Scallion
Ozark Abstract—Ozark, MO

"Wow! This program is so awesome. It was so easy to correct my mistake using the wrong Job#—and you know how limited my computer abilities are."

Jackie Stacy
Taney County Title and Escrow LLC—Branson, MO

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