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Disbursal Pro System Requirements

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Disbursal Pro system requirements

Hardware Requirements - For Disbursal Pro® for Microsoft Windows®


Client-Server, Peer-to-Peer or Standalone (Do not use Windows XP Home on a network.)

Dedicated Server

Windows XP-Vista-7,8,10 Professional; Windows Server 2003-2008-2012 (2016 not confirmed)

SQL Server 2008 r2 sp2

CPU 2.2 GHz or higher

1 GB RAM**

40 GB or larger primary hard drive***

20 GB or larger secondary hard drive (internal or accessed via network)

Peer-to-Peer Server and Standalone

Windows XP-Vista-7,8,10 Professional

SQL Server 2008 r2 sp2

CPU 1.8 GHz or higher

640 MB RAM**

40 GB or larger primary hard drive***

20 GB or larger secondary hard drive (internal or accessed via network)


Windows XP-Vista-7,8,10 Professional

CPU 1.5 GHz or higher

640 MB RAM**

20 GB or larger primary hard drive***

Standard Equipment

SVGA monitor

8+ MB video card

10/100/1000 MB network card

Re-writable DVD/CD (CD-R disks used for backup) or USB flash drive

Windows compatible laser printer with two or more paper bins

Remote Communications

Performed using: Teamviewer® software (no charge)

* Disbursal Pro requires Microsoft's SQL Server 2008.net. Disbursal Pro comes standard with SQL Server 2008.net. This is Microsoft’s scaled down, no-cost version of their SQL Server, however, certain minor restrictions apply:

          Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (full version) is recommended if regular usage will require more than 10 simultaneous sessions.

** This is the minimum amount of memory/storage required. Adding more memory will improve software performance, especially when working with multiple files or applications at once. Some versions of Windows will require more RAM just for the Operating System alone.

*** Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration, the number of applications and features you choose to install, and the amount of data you accumulate over time. Additional hard disk space may be required if you are installing over a network.

Note: Your computer's memory, processing speed and other system requirements may be different from those listed above based on version of Windows, network environment, system use and requirements of other software applications.

NOTICE: These specifications and system requirements are subject to change. Call Disbursal Pro Sales at 417-862-5393 for a solution that meets your requirements.

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