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Disbursal Pro benefits

The Benefit of Features

Salesology 101 teaches us to “sell the benefits, not the features”   (i.e. Don't sell them a lawn mower, sell them a well-manicured lawn.)   Maybe we’re just thick, but we think software that's short on features doesn’t have much benefit!

A landscaper could produce great looking lawns with an inexpensive push-mower, however, low productivity would doom their business. You have to save time!

You buy an accounting program to save on labor and it’s the software's features that deliver those savings—especially when they are fully automatic.

Miscellaneous features

Don’t let the headline mislead you into thinking this is simply a list of random features. Dynamic relationships between components create a synergy—making the whole greater than the sum of its parts!

Click on each feature to learn more about its related benefit.

Automatic type-ahead searching

Continuous search is Disbursal Pro’s standard mode of operation—it's always on and it's always working. You don’t have to go through extra steps just to find a record.

Using an Internet Explorer style progressive record search, you just start typing and Disbursal Pro automatically drops a sorted list—closing in on the desired record as more letters are typed in. Just a couple of keystrokes typically finds the record you want.

This feature also helps address the primary cause of duplicate records. i.e., When you think you are entering a new job or vendor for the first time, when in fact they are already on file.

It’s very fast and efficient. You waste zero time entering data.

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Sophisticated on-the-fly duplicate detection

As new vendors are being entered, their phone number and the phonetic spelling of their address are automatically cross-checked against existing files. You are presented with a warning in the likelihood of a duplicate entry—virtually eliminating them, along with their symptomatic headaches.

For example; entering a new vendor with an address of:

      291 West Wudrege Ave

triggers a duplicate record warning if there already exists a vendor with an address of:

      291 W. Woodridge St.

The spelling does not have to be exact for Disbursal Pro to know that it's a duplicate!

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Intelligent data validation

“Garbage In—Garbage Out” is an old computer axiom. If you’ve ever browsed through a typical database you know that the average user makes mistakes—lots of them!

Disbursal Pro's intelligent data validation filters out the incoming garbage. It makes sure that:

  • Tax ID's contain 9 digits
  • Phone numbers and zip codes have the correct number of digits
  • Personal names are not used as addresses
  • Addresses and phone numbers are not duplicates
  • Email and street addresses are in a valid format
  • etc.

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Enhanced form-style data entry

Spreadsheet style grids are great for viewing a lot of records with only a few fields, but they are poorly suited for individual records containing lots of fields. Data entry forms typically work much better and Disbursal Pro uses smart forms for the bulk of it's data entry.

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Hyperlinked data

Double-clicking in a grid cell expands on the field's data. You never have to write down names or IDs, and then go somewhere else to look up the related information.

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Comprehensive reports

Disbursal Pro has more than 25 unique reports that—in conjunction with a variety of selection filters—yield in excess of 200 different report variations.

In typical Disbursal Pro fashion, these reports include:

  • Simple, intuitive selection filters
  • Browser style navigation
  • Zoom-in and zoom-out
  • Search for text
  • A dynamic table of contents
  • Use of color to improve readability
  • Output to the screen, printer, or Adobe Acrobat® PDF file

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Boilerplate merge documents

You can create and save any kind of document or form. You can also embed fields from the database directly into the forms that you create—turning them into powerful time savers. Just select a record and Disbursal Pro automatically fills in the documents for you.

You can also link an unlimited number of documents together and handle them as if they were a single item. Just select the first document in the series and Disbursal Pro will fill in and print the entire group.

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Uncomplicated backups

Backups are the bane of the average office worker. They don’t understand them and they don’t want to be bothered with them. Throw in the unpredictable nature of hardware and you have The Perfect Storm!

With Disbursal Pro you can rest easy! Automatic, internal backups—during normal operations—insure that no more than 30 minutes of work are lost.

This operation is totally undetectable and occurs while you are working. Performed as a background operation, there is no perceptible slow-down in computer performance as the backups are being made. All you need is a network connection or a secondary hard drive

While the automatic backups are a godsend against computer failure, they won’t protect you from natural disasters like fires, floods, etc. For those you must maintain offsite backups!

Disbursal Pro makes removable backups fast and reliable. A built-in routine can save multiple, compressed backups to a CD-R or thumb drive, and ensures that they are properly rotated.

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Backup restoration verification

Verifying that your backups are restorable is equally as important as making them—but few software applications bother with verification. Disbursal Pro, however, always has your back!

A built-in routine tests and restores the latest backup without altering the current database. And every two months Disbursal Pro will remind you to perform this simple, yet vital, procedure.

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Autonomous database maintenance

Database maintenance is an essential task, however, it requires some technical training to understand how to perform it. This is usually beyond the average office worker.

Disbursal Pro handles this one for you too. It's comprehensive programs automatically perform all of the standard maintenance procedures—without requiring any human assistance.

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Persistent task reminders

While autonomous processing is always preferable, some tasks simply require human interaction. Regrettably, people often forget things—especially when they're only done a few times per year. Fortunately, Disbursal Pro’s memory is infallible.

Reminder notices pop-up at regularly scheduled intervals to remind you that a specific task(s) should be handled soon. These reminders provide simple step-by-step instructions, reappearing once per day until the task has been completed.

There are persistent, instructive task reminders for:

  1. Testing backups for restorability ( six times a year )
  2. Reviewing vendors for incomplete IRS data ( three times a year )
  3. Archiving old data ( two times a year )
  4. Processing 1099's ( once each January )
  5. Creating removable backups ( only if they're not being done )

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Bulk TIN matching

Disbursal Pro provides a built-in program that works in conjunction with the IRS's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching Program. This is a free service provided by the IRS for perfecting your W-9 data and eliminating the penalties incurred for incorrect 1099s.

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Keystroke conservation

Not accounting for speed and accuracy, you are paying for every keystroke made on the computer. Disbursal Pro saves you keystrokes by making intelligent data defaults for you.

If the default is correct, you only have to press the [Tab] or [Enter] key and move on to the next field. If it's not, simply type over it without wasting any time or effort.

And for those tasks which have a logical sequence of operation, Disbursal Pro automatically positions the mouse cursor for you too.

You won’t find another program that lets you enter high quality data faster than Disbursal Pro!

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User-programmable Hotkeys can be setup for frequently accessed Job records.

Keys [Alt-1] through [Alt-4] can be quickly setup to jump directly to any Job desired.

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Granular security

Whether or not to use the built-in security is totally at your discretion. If desired, it can be turned on to limit access of individuals to specific programs or features.

You have password restricted control over access to the following:

  • Administrator rights
  • Entering new data
  • Editing data
  • Deleting data
  • Fixing data (utilities)
  • Printing checks
  • Replacing lost checks
  • Voiding checks
  • Unvoiding checks
  • Running reports

Apply whatever degree of security that you feel your needs warrant. Setup programs require Administrator rights, so settings can't be changed without authorization.

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A handy Tip-of-the-day control informs new users how to best make use of Disbursal Pro’s rich feature set. You can review a new tip each time Disbursal Pro is launched, or peruse through all the tips at your own leisure.

Expert users can simply turn this feature off.

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Proficient record archiving

Databases are like gardens, they are constantly growing and need periodic maintenance to remain productive. Record archiving weeds the database for you and Disbursal Pro has a persistent task reminder to insure that this important maintenance is not forgotten.

Most disbursement programs provide you with a simple method for archiving and purging obsolete data. It's how Disbursal Pro works with your archived data that sets it apart.

Disbursal Pro maintains all archived data in an identical, but separate database. A simple mouse click allows you to switch from the current to the archived database in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, all of Disbursal Pro's programs and reports are fully operational using either database!

Whenever you are using the archived database, the standard [Undo] button turns into an [Unarchive] button. Individual jobs or vendors—along with their related transactions—can easily be unarchived, restoring them back to a current status.

Your data is never buried or inaccessible!

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