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CM Systems Inc. - Phone 417-862-5393
CM Systems Inc. - Phone 417-862-5393
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On Going Maintenance and Support

CM Systems, Inc. is committed to insuring that our customers receive full advantage of the benefits our products have to offer. Therefore, your Disbursal Pro construction loan disbursement accounting software purchase comes standard with 12 months of maintenance.

The Disbursal Pro Maintenance Contract is designed to keep your construction loan disbursement software up-to-date. In addition, with unlimited technical support available during the term of the Maintenance Contract, Disbursal Pro users can obtain rapid resolution to all of their software issues.

Your Maintenance Contract begins in the month Disbursal Pro was purchased, regardless of when it was activated.

Annual Maintenance Contract Benefits:

Unlimited Telephone Support *

Answers to your Disbursal Pro software questions are just a phone call away with unlimited phone and/or Internet support. Our Technical Support staff can provide you with answers for a wide range of questions. If we are unable to address your question directly, we will make every effort to obtain an answer for you within one business day.

Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 5PM CST

Unlimited Technical Support via Email *

Whether simply communicating questions, or transmitting your files to us for review, our email support is able to handle your inquiries quickly and efficiently. Email is an excellent method for sending project files, screenshots of error messages, and for receiving updates and patches.

Major Upgrades, and Updates To Software

Always improving, CM Systems provides regular software updates including feature enhancements, tax law updates, and the implementation of customer suggestions. Staying current with product releases is very important, as upgrading out-of-date software is inefficient and can be overly expensive.

All clients who have purchased Maintenance Contracts are eligible to receive—at no additional charge—all major and minor upgrades of the software during the Maintenance period.

Direct Bug Fix Updates

In the case of a software error, the user's issue will be forwarded to the Disbursal Pro Software Development staff. As soon as a solution is developed, it will be provided to the user via email, or an FTP download.


We are confident that our Disbursal Pro construction loan disbursement software is a best-of-breed product that works efficiently in most business environments. We back Disbursal Pro with a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return the software to CM Systems, Inc. and we will refund you the purchase price minus a 15% restocking fee.

All fees for services rendered, including training (on site, telephone and online), customization, and any implementation services are not refundable. In the rare event that Disbursal Pro is unable to properly run on a computer that meets the minimum system requirements, the 15% restocking fee will be waived.

If you have problems installing or running Disbursal Pro, the answer may be a simple phone call away. Our support staff has a great deal of knowledge and is happy to help out when you need it. Before we can authorize a return, we require that you try resolving the problem with our support staff. If you have a support question, please call 417-862-5393 for answers.

If we are unable resolve your issue, we will be happy to refund your order. After ninety (90) days from the date of sale, all sales are final. Any CM Systems-client specific contracts supercede this agreement.

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* Exceptions to Free Support

Because Disbursal Pro is frequently the main application being run on a computer, many customers presume that CM Systems, Inc. is responsible for all of their computer’s issues. While CM Systems can provide support for most any computer problem, we only provide free support for issues directly pertaining to Disbursal Pro.

Issues “not covered” under the free support agreement are:

1. General computer questions (not specific to Disbursal Pro)

2. Questions pertaining to Microsoft Windows®, or hardware problems.

3. Bringing Disbursal Pro updates back to a “current status”—whenever the customer has allowed the installation of product updates to fall behind.

Issues that will never be billed, “no matter what”, are:

1. Labor for fixing a problem that was the direct result of a bug in Disbursal Pro.

2. Reporting a bug to CM Systems. Even if it's a Windows operating system bug—as long as it involves Disbursal Pro—you will never be billed for reporting it.

3. Answering any questions that you may have about billable calls.

Situations which we “may” consider billable are:

1. Answering questions from users who have never received Disbursal Pro training from CM Systems.

2. Recurring calls, where the user is repeatedly asking the same question.

3. Examining the customers transaction audit trail in order to make corrections.

Ascertaining whether a support call should billable is largely a judgement call on our part. If we feel that we did not supply sufficient information to the user to begin with, we won’t bill for the support call—it’s only fair. On the other hand, users sometimes just take it upon themselves to exercise poor judgement without calling us first, and it is not fair for us to have to shoulder the expense of their bad decisions.

If we determine that a call is billable we will state so at, or near, the beginning of the support call. We will start tracking the billable time “after making it known” that the call will be billed.

Billable telephone/Internet/email support fee: $1/minute, $10 minimum charge per incident.

Contact us at 417-862-5393 for more information.

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