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Job maintenance and Check writing are two of Disbursal Pro's main programs. Lavished with features, they are powerful and easy-to-use.

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Proficient check handling

Set up as many Escrow bank accounts as you need. Construction disbursement transactions can be processed as an Electronic Funds Transfer, or as two or three part, MICR or preprinted laser checks. The proper checks for each bank are automatically pulled from the correct printer and paper bin.

Recovering from a printer jam is easy. If a check gets damaged, a simple button click will void and reprint it—without having to re-enter anything. You can even unvoid checks if needed.

A check's budget breakdown and itemized invoices can be changed at any time. If a vendor is accidentally 1099'd for labor when they shouldn't have been, it's simple to correct.

And with the ability to itemize up to 60 invoices per check, having to divide a single draw into two or more checks is very rare.

Checks can be Held/Unheld with a single button click. Held checks retain their original Draw# once they are taken off Hold.

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Detailed budget tracking

Not every builder requires a detailed budget breakdown, but for those who do, tracking their budget is an essential service. Unique budgets can be setup and tracked for each Job.

You can also pre-define "Budget templates" for fast setup of Jobs which have similar budgets, or you can use an existing Job's budget as the template for a new Job.

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Common builder and owner data

Frequently the builder and owner are one and the same. Disbursal Pro maintains the builders and owners in the same table to eliminate data redundancies and uses programming logic to make them function as if they were separate.

Your data is more consistent and you are spared having to make a lot of unnecessary keystrokes.

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Automatic lien waivers

Lien waivers are printed automatically after checks are printed. They are fully customizable and include details such as the “check delivery method” and the vendor’s “W-9 status.” Useful handling information which can save you a few extra minutes each day.

Any lien waiver—for any check—can be reprinted at any time. There is also a special program to expedite entering the waiver's return date by simply entering the check number.

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Easy error correction

Even the most diligent employees’ make mistakes. Most errors that would be time consuming to correct manually (such as entering an entire draw using the wrong Job number), are a simple, automated fix.

Disbursal Pro also includes an Editing Utility—which uses a random password for security—that allows any data error to be corrected without affecting the integrity of the accounting audit trails.

Everything is aboveboard and easily accessible.

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Flexible reconciling

The straightforward bank reconciling contains a number of features to facilitate the transaction clearing process:

  • Screens automatically scroll up after the last item is checked
  • Colored check numbers provide a visual alert to gaps in the sequence
  • Transactions can be voided, or unvoided, on-the-fly
  • Ranges of transactions can be cleared by date or number

Reconciling can also be performed “off-site” with the results uploaded and applied to the live data. And in the event that a reconciling error is discovered after-the-fact, you can undo the reconciliation for any given month.

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Instant forms

A single button click can print “Request for Disbursement Forms” or "General Lien Waivers”. The forms are automatically filled in with data from the Job and are ready to hand out. Standard Windows printing can be used to produce multiple copies of the forms.

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Visual IRS alerts

Described in 1099-MISC Reporting

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Automatic type-ahead searching

Described in Features Overview

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