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Construction Inspection progress with Disbursal Pro

Robust Inspection Reports

Create first-class Construction Progress Inspection reports that really make an impression—produced in just a few seconds!

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Versatile and customizable

A unique "Inspection report designer" allows you to create reports that meet your own specific needs. Instead of being limited to a single report for every type of project, you can have separate, distinct reports for any type of project.

You can have separate, custom reports for residential, commercial, log homes or even remodeling. Each report can have:

  • From 1 to 15 customizable pages per Inspection
  • From 0 to 8 photographs per page ( up to 120 photos per Inspection )
  • All photos can be loaded automatically or manually
  • Up to 120 user-definable Inspection categories
  • Use Inspection categories from Job budgets or from user-defined templates
  • Up to 59 different merge variables from the database
  • Directions to the Job site
  • The type of improvements being made
  • Inspector comments
  • Pending draw amount $
  • Custom user-defined graphics, lines, and boxes for each page

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Optimized for fast data entry

A few mouse clicks are normally all that's needed to enter Inspection data. And a custom thumbnail image selector makes it easy match photos to a Job.

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Automatic file size optimization

Digital cameras—with resolutions of two megapixels and up—can create pictures with very large file sizes. Leaving your camera on a wrong setting can consume your entire hard drive!

Disbursal Pro can automatically condense large photos into a very small file size. You can easily store tens of thousands of pictures on your computer without concern for their original size.

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Retains history for life of project

The data for each Inspection report is retained for the life of the Job—even after it has been archived (up to 10 years). The progression of the work for any Job can be retraced and the Construction Progress Inspection report reprinted for any point in time.

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