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CM Systems Inc. - Phone 417-862-5393
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Hire an expert for less than $3 a day!

The first rule of making money is, "Don't lose what you already have." Ordinary accounting and loan disbursement softwares require too many workarounds. Disbursal Pro® does away with innumerable inefficiencies in the disbursing process.

Built into Disbursal Pro is the knowledge and experience for running a construction loan disbursement business. It's like having your own
in-house expert!

More than just a better mouse trap, Disbursal Pro:

Saves money

Maybe money can't buy you happiness, but with Disbursal Pro you can have affordable peace of mind. For less than $3 a day, Disbursal Pro provides you with:

  • Bundled pricing—includes:
    • application software
    • free telephone, Internet, and email support*
    • maintenace for on-going upgrades
  • 90-day, no-risk, money back guarantee
  • Multi-user database (no additional fees for extra users)
  • Free, 45-day evaluation, full function demo available

* Our comprehensive maintenance plan and first rate technical support provide near blanket coverage for all of your construction disbursement software needs.

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Easy to learn, simple to use

Software that is difficult, or cumbersome to use, brings with it many hidden expenses and places a drag on productivity. Failure of users to grasp software concepts invariably results in expensive mistakes! Simple and intuitive software is an essential tool to have.

Many years have been invested in making Disbursal Pro simple to use. Straightforward and user-friendly, it saves you time and money.

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Increases productivity

"If it can be automated, it should be automated."

Extensive programming logic reduces the number of keystrokes and mouse movements required to enter data—you accomplish more work in less time—allowing a single person to disburse funds for hundreds of jobs.

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Focused on construction disbursement

Specifically designed to manage construction loan disbursements, Disbursal Pro does not have all the limitations of off-the-shelf accounting software like QuickBooks and Peachtree. While these are great programs in their own right, they cannot perform many common disbursement tasks and require cumbersome workarounds.

Disadvantages of off-the-shelf software:

  • Cannot track, or report on, important disbursement-related information like retainage, budget adherence, 1099 breakdowns, inspection reporting, etc.  Smart lenders and builders demand these fundamental services.

  • Offers little resistance to duplicating accounts and transactions—spawning a host of problems. Duplicate records are cheap to make—and expensive to make disappear!

  • Does not impose discipline. Users can easily make mistakes, or alter transactions (ask any CPA). This gives rise to data integrity issues or worse, allows for fraud. Disbursal Pro strictly enforces accounting rules and audit trails!

  • Lacks features like automatic defaulting and data validation, which increase productivity and ensure accuracy. Disbursal Pro knows what kind of data you should be entering and has numerous logic traps to prevent data entry mistakes.

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Reduces data entry errors

Disbursal Pro constantly monitors data as it is entered and asks you whenever the data is questionable. The majority of data entry errors that violate basic accounting principles are prevented before they can be saved.

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Supports MICR checks

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is the magnetically encoded numbers on the bottom of checks which can be scanned by a machine. MICR encoding includes the account number, routing number, and the check's serial number.

Advantages of printing MICR checks:

  • Avoids the expense of purchasing pre-encoded check stock.
  • Eliminates potential waste when a bank account is changed or closed.
  • Increases security since only non-negotiable blank check paper is stored.
  • Does away with manual handling errors whenever you have multiple accounts.
  • The amount of the check is printed with a "Security font" which prevents tampering.

Printing calibration is crucial to using MICR checks. Disbursal Pro's custom, easy-to-use calibration routine makes makes setting up MICR checks a snap.

Note: Disbursal Pro also supports printing on pre-encoded check stock. The "Security font" can also be used to print the amount on pre-encoded checks.

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Flexible configuration

No two companies run their businesses alike and you don’t want someone else dictating how you should run yours! More than 30 simple setup options tailor Disbursal Pro to fit your needs.

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Improves accuracy of 1099's

Long before we invented Disbursal Pro we produced 1099's for disbursing companies. Over the years we built a comprehensive list of 1099 problems. The fruits of this valuable knowledge have been incorporated into Disbursal Pro, making it very effective at minimizing 1099 issues.

Constant live monitoring identifies data that will be fined by the IRS—virtually eliminating 1099 problems! Wrong 1099 data is displayed with an attention getting red background and custom reports flag any data that hasn't been corrected.

Note: While Disbursal Pro is nearly 100% accurate at identifying 1099 problems, our customers have asked us to allow for entering incomplete data (for when there's not enough time to collect the W-9 information before the check needs to be cut.)

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3-way reconciling

Disbursal Pro's 3-way reconciling safeguards you from fraud, misappropriations and bank errors.

Detailed transaction reports tie the Escrow accounts adjusted book balance against the Bank statement and ending Escrow Balances. All reports account for Jobs utilizing more than one Escrow bank.

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Live data backups

With Disbursal Pro, your data is always safe. Automatic, internal backups—during normal operations—insure that no more than the last 30 minutes of data entry can be lost in the event of a computer failure.

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Self-maintaining database

Databases are technical creatures that demand a lot of maintenance. In the real world, however, there is rarely anyone around with the proper skills to perform the necessary upkeep.

Disbursal Pro automatically optimizes itself to eliminate processing inefficiencies—no technical experience (or even human interaction) is required!

Automation handles 100% of your database maintenance requirements!

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Proven dependability

Disbursal Pro is a mature system with a solid track record—leaving you free to work on business opportunities instead of hassling with problematic software.

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The bottom Line

Any buying decision is all about the trade-offs. For construction loan disbursements; you are basically comparing the cost of the software against the cost of the extra labor expended by using something less capable.

When analyzing the Return On Investment, at first blush the price of premium software may appear unjustifiable. Over just a little time, however, the additional labor required by cheap software actually makes it more expensive to operate.

We are dedicated to making Disbursal Pro "inexpensive to use" and "easy to budget for."

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